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VIP Box – MILF Booty

Elizabeth Carson is the only model left in the stringbody casting. She is their choice because she has the best booty and now she has to prove it in this VIP Box – MILF Booty.

The silver stringbody or slingshot fits her perfectly and she likes it. Like this she is able to show her sexy body the best to the guys.

An expert about the female behind is invited and Elizabeth is a bit confused. “What will happen here?” she asks herself.

The expert and Elizabeth introduce each other. He is surprised how great she looks for a MILF over 40.

Hot MILF Booty Action

Elizabeth is now ready for hot action because she feels good and is confident in herself.

She has to suck his cock first and make him big and ready for the most wanted MILF Booty doggystyle action. Everybody wants to see something special. How Elizabeth’ booty wobbles nicely because it is big, round and well trained! He will pound her hard and long from behind and everyone is getting excited.

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Do you like latex hardcore? Enjoy another hot VIP Box with Elizabeth in a latex corset and gloves. Two guys give it to her after she dominated them!

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