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VIP Box – High Heels Games

In this VIP Box you can enjoy Elizabeth Carson in Sardinia.
As a fashion model she got an invitation to Sardinia to model for high heels and lingerie. As usual she is expected to also entertain the guests of this event.
This adventure “VIP Box – High Heels Games” is based on a true story
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First we all go out to explore the area of the country house and we do shootings with Elizabeth in different very seductive outfits, e.g. a white fishnet top. We all can see her tits and hard nipples under the white fishnet top and Elizabeth likes that.

We want her to show her big boobs so we can see her hard nipples even better.

Everybody is getting excited and we want to see her famous booty. So she has to turn around when she is posing at the fence. Elizabeth looks back and is even more turned on by all the guys looking at her.

We want to see more of her ass!!!

Elizabeth can’t help but she has to look back again to see the excitement in the eyes of the guys.

When we’ve returned to the garden of the villa we want Elizabeth to be naked, with black high heels only and oil her body. “Stick your tongue out, you sexy bitch!”

VIP Box – High Heels Games getting really hot!

We serve Vermentino white wine and then Elizabeth has to walk naked in front of them around the villa and talk dirty to them, like “Follow me. Look at my booty! Let me see your big ones!”

And now the High Heels Games really start. Elizabeth treats the hard cocks with her high heels. This turns Elizabeth on a lot. She’s had quite some wine already, ss laughing and in a good mood. She masturbates while treating the cocks with her high heels and her mouth.

They got either punished …

or treated nicely.

What do you prefer? Do you like to get punished or want to get sucked?

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High Heels Walk

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High Heels Games

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What is included in the VIP Box – High Heels Games?
The 2023 edition of this video and the following two hot photo sets:

Elizabeth Carson – Oil
Fishnet White with Elizabeth Carson

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VIP Box High Heels Games

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Stringbody Red 2 with Elizabeth Carson

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Elizabeth is still horny and shows it by sticking her tongue out.

She wants you and is ready because she needs now some hard fucking on the table.

Elizabeth on FreeOnes

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