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Interview Elizabeth Carson

Elizabeth Carson retired from modelling and we are glad she accepted our wish for an interview. We have put links to the details if we already have an adventure about the interview topic. Her content is exclusively available on You can also purchase individual photosets of her on BentBox.

HCE: “Thanks Elizabeth for letting us have this interview. We and your fans appreciate it very much.”

Elizabeth: “Now, that I’m retired from modelling it is sometimes fun for me to look back at certain adventures I had during my career.”

The First Shooting

HCE: “Ok. Let’s first talk about the beginning. You worked as a fashion model as we know and you must have had shootings for these companies. When did you have the idea to do your own shootings and show the content on your own website?”

Elizabeth: “It was during some day off from work, up in Davos…”

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The Exxxtra Shootings

HCE: “To have shootings is part of a model’s work. Can you tell us more about that?”

Elizabeth: “I had many shootings for catalogues, brochures, magazines and I was used to that but this was always for other people or companies, not for me. I got asked so many times to do “additional” shootings or a “special” shooting by all kind of people. It was clear to me what they wanted and I always refused first but then I accepted some very well paid private shootings. When you show e.g. lingerie it is quite clear that men get horny but business is business and you should not mix it. This was my thinking, at least most of the time.”

HCE: “Can you give us an example for such a “special request”?

Elizabeth: “Normally they were sort of shy asking for some extra pictures but once one guy after the official shooting was over asked me straight “to show my titts, ass and pussy. Here you can see my expression right after I got asked.”

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HCE: “Did people ask for even more than just nude extra photos?”

Elizabeth: “Yes, many times and right from the beginning. Some guys got so horny that everybody could see their erection. They did not even bother to hide it. Money was never the problem and these extra shootings turned into some crazy orgies sometimes and often were on photo and video. One of the wildest was this one where I had to walk through a parking wearing just a see-through white body and I ended up getting my ass spankend and sucking three cocks and having sperm on my face.”

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Booty or Boobs?

HCE: “We think we know the answer. What was more photographed or liked, booty or boobs?”

Elizabeth: “That’s an easy question to answer, booty. In the beginning of my career as a fashion model my legs were most liked but I guess, actually they already then wanted to see my booty all the time. It’s not that they do not like my boobs, no, they like especially my nipples. After I had my boobs done, they wanted to see them more, but my butt was the center of attraction. One of the most liked photos of me is this one, Pink in the Pool.”

“When I had e.g. a shooting with a flower dress, they wanted me to get right away in the cat position and I already knew what would come next.”

“You know it too, I had to move the dress up and expose my booty. That was typical and I could see what was going on in their heads (and pants). The doggystyle fantasy, you can’t imagine how many times I went through this. They all want me in the doggystyle position, always.

Many times I got extra paid just for showing my booty and let them wank their cocks. Some guys multiple times paid me extra when I would look at them and talk dirty while they were wanking and looking at me. I did not even have to be naked. Happened at the beginning already e.g. in a showroom for lingerie and legwear

… and later all the time at the end of shootings. They were just happy also to see and hear me masturbating and cum.”

The First Porn

HCE: “Please tell us a little about your first porn movie.”

Elizabeth: “I got many offers for being an actress in porn movies but I always refused them. I don’t like the way most porn is made. The woman is just a piece of flesh which gets penetrated by as many cocks in every whole as possible. I did my first porn myself. I picked the actor and decided most of the story which is now split up in 5 parts. Sometimes I lost control because the guy simply fucked the hell out of me or the DP was too much for me. To have a cock in your pussy and at the same time in the ass is not easy and most of the time not enjoyable, but you gotta do it. People wanna see you suffer, I guess.”

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We can talk later about the most intense hardcore scene, which is also the most liked one.”

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The Special Shootings

HCE: “What special shootings did you have. Out of the ordinary. Can you give us an example?”

Elizabeth: “Well, I had quite a few special ones. Let me give you two examples. The first one was a famous guy who wanted badly to be with me in latex in front of the camera. This guy was probably the horniest I have ever met and he really gave it to me, I mean really hard and long. The solution for his problem was simple. All he had to to was to wear a full head latex mask.”

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Elizabeth: “The second example is also very special. I was in Amalfi sightseeing. Had a white top and jeans hotpants on and I realized that a guy was following me from the harbour up to my hotel room. He was the skipper of a yacht I was invited to later, which was also really something.”

“I left the door to my hotel room open and he really entered some minutes later. I had put a red fishnet top on and gave him a lapdance first. The rest was one of the most intense fucks I ever had. He literally fucked me out of bed.”

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The Most Liked Shooting

HCE: “The Amalfi adventures you had are really famous and indeed very special. Can you tell us which was the most liked/viewed shooting you ever had?”

Elizabeth: “I’m not sure but I think it is the Black Monster shooting. How this all started is actually quite spicy. I went dancing and came to talk with a black security guy. He was fascinated by my outfit. I wore jeans boots, jeans hotpants and a black leather jacket.”

“While I was dancing my boobs were sometime quite visible and the hotpants did not really hide my booty. He was once standing right behind me and whispered in my ears ‘how badly he would like to fuck me from behind’. I could feel his hard cock on my booty. I asked him if he was interested to come to a casting for photos and video next week with me and he agreed. He came to the casting … and the rest is history. I never got fucked harder in my whole life and survived this casting only thanks to Vodka and some lines. It is clear that at the end they wanted to shoot me in intense doggystyle action with the Black Monster and he enjoyed it so much, he still talks about it today.”

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Elizabeth Carson - Black_Monster
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HCE: “We have of course more questions and we will continue with the second part of this interview later.
Thanks for now, Elizabeth!

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