Adventures Booty Lovers Club

The Booty Lovers Club (9)

The members of The Booty Lovers Club (9) were thinking of inviting their first model again, Sheila (have a look at that 1st one) because she really has a wonderful body and especially booty, is 23 years and ready for some real wild action.

Sheila is wearing ultrahigh plateaus and a black outfit. She is sitting on the stairs and looking down at the members. “First we want you to show us your pussy, Sheila!”

She has to think again of her first BLC adventure … and this time there are even more men here.

Of course she has to turn around now and show her sexy booty.

“Please take off all your clothes and come back. We want to enjoy all of you.”

For a moment Sheila is hesitating. Should she get naked in front of all these men? Will it end up again like the 1st time? Most likely, yes.
One of the BLC members is trying to relax her … and he is successful.

She takes off her clothes and shows them her naked body and especially her booty. Sheila looks down at the men and she can see their excitement also in their trousers.

“Come down and pose more for us. We love looking at your sexy body, Sheila!”

“Now get on your knees and let us see your booty in doggystyle position.” This brings back memories to her first BLC adventure, where she had to watch a hot porn movie with Elizabeth Carson while posing for the men.

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