A sexy Latina is wanted for a Spanish musician’s video clip – Mujer. A casting is organized and the models are chosen. One of the models is young Elizabeth.
This adventure is based on a true story

The musician tries to hide his interest in her but is not very successful. Elizabeth can see the lust in his eyes during the casting’s photo shooting. She is dressed up as a super sexy fetish latina with a fishnet bodystocking with open crotch, latex gloves and corset and red high heels. She’s wearing sunglasses and a crazy black wig.

The sexy hot fetish Latina look on Elizabeth Carson

Mujer – The Casting

The musician is right in front of her and shows a little key to her. He seems to be a little hyper and excited, Elizabeth thinks. Maybe he had already some Tequilas. He asks her to turn around and show her booty. “This is the key to satisfaction. It works for your high heels locks and now also for your pussy” the musician says and fixes the key on Elizabeth’ pussy piercing.

The key is hanging on Elizabeth Carson’s pussy piercing.

Elizabeth thinks that the guy is totally crazy. He wants her to turn around and show all the guys her big pussy lips and the piercing with the key. But that is not all he wants her to masturbate in front of the whole crew.

Elizabeth is leaning back and masturbates while looking at the guys

Elizabeth is not shy at all but such a shooting she has not had. The musician is taking some lines and then offering more to the whole crew and Elizabeth. He has some Tequila ready for all at the blue container. “What a crazy guy” she’s thinking while she takes two lines and then a shot of Tequila. “Show us also your tongue piercing, you sexy bitch!” the musician almost screams at her.

“You will lick and suck all our hard cocks, Elizabeth. We want to really feel your tongue piercing!”
Is this casting going totally overboard?
“Pose sideways and show your booty!”

“You are perfect for hard and long doggystyle, Elizabeth!” the musician is yelling at her.

Mujer – The Music Video

“What a casting that was” Elizabeth is thinking on the way to the restaurant in Zurich where the recording of most of the music video takes place. They figured out the best outfit for her performances. Elizabeth is dressed with glittery red top with long arms, black pantyhose under a sexy black hotpants. She has to dance first seductively before she disappears behind a curtain.

In another scene she is dancing for some guys at a table.

Can you imagine what happened at the end? This was one of the most intense orgies Elizabeth ever attended.

Mujer – The Photos and Video

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