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Mini Cooper Maxi Booty

Elizabeth is at the international car exhibition in Geneva. She has fallen in love with a Mini Cooper and she knows that her Maxi Booty will help her.

She wants that car badly and is willing to offer a lot for it and even more important, she knows what to offer and to whom.

There is a group of her VIP members who want something special from her but she has so far refused to do it.

It is that easy. Elizabeth says “yes” to the VIP members long-time wish and they sponsor her the Mini Cooper (one of them owns a BMW garage).

Elizabeth decided to give to them what they wanted so much for such a long time.

Of course not just a doggystyle session. Much more is involved. They want her for three days and nights in a crazy booty orgy. She must let them do with her whatever they want … and they want a lot. Elizabeth needs many lines and Proseccos and they really enjoy her Maxi Booty and more.

She makes it happen. Hours of intense fucking, seducing and again fucking. Elizabeth is perfect for such an orgy and she knows they keep their word.

VIP members can enjoy this HD video with Elizabeth.

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