Adventures Booty Lovers Club

The Booty Lovers Club (8)

The members of The Booty Lovers Club (8) always try hard to find new “talents” for their special parties. They heard that a very attractive Domina, Dea Donatella, would be a great candidate for one of their next events. One member had some photos of her. Enjoying the view, hitchhiking, on a ladder, under a bridge and another one laying on the beach.

Of course, they all agreed that she would be a perfect lady for them. Question is just, how to get a domina to perform for them and do such a show? Not an easy task at all.

Dea Donatella just finished her espresso and is waiting for the video conference to start.

After some minutes her Nokia Communicator is ringing.

Nobody knows what the guy on the phone is telling her but it seems to have convinced her. She is standing up and taking off her skirt.

Was the guy successful? Would Dea Donatella really do a show for them and show her phantastic booty?

It looks like they came to an agreement because now she even takes her costume top off for the finish of the video conference.

She agrees to do a show for them and all details, like outfits and how much she is going to show are done. Donatella will e.g. wear first her famous red latex catsuit, then do a masturbation show wearing a saemless pantyhose only and hard to believe but she will also be totally naked for them at the end of her performance and showing her nice big and round booty.

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Donatella Shootings Previews

Below are some previews of shootings with the Goddess of Eroticism. You will understand why she is perfect The Booty Lovers Club (8).

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