Valentine Special

Elizabeth is getting ready for a Valentine Special photo shooting in the studio. She’s wearing sexy white lingerie with little hearts all over, some jewelry and high heels.

The special add-on is a little heart candy which she has to play with.

“Can you play with the candy on your nipple?”
Elizabeth is not surprised. She expected topless work anyways and therefore takes off her top and does what was asked.

Elizabeth is also not surprised when she is getting a big heart pillow with the request to take off also her panties and she is wondering what else they want from her.

She keeps holding the pillow in front of her pussy.

Then she has to move the pillow and show her pussy (with the sexy piercing). No surprise either.

Next she has to turn around and show her booty.

Elizabeth is expecting now that she has to go down and really expose her sexy booty for them. She is looking back at all the guys and see the lust in their eyes. Will she do what they want?

Use your imagination to find out what question Elizabeth is asked when posing like below!

What would you do when you see Elizabeth like this?

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When you are as sexy as Elizabeth in stockings, lingerie and high heels …

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