Elizabeth Carson – Sexy Cat had many lingerie shootings and also often at the end they ask her to do more photos, usually private and seductive ones. Since she gets paid well she most of the time agrees.

She’ wa’s posing in animal print lingerie and gets again asked to do some “extra work” as a sexy cat.

This adventure is based on a true story.
All pictures were taken with an analogue camera.

Elizabeth Carson in animal print lingerie

“Please show us your nipples, ” the owner of the lingerie company asks. Elizabeth takes off the bra .

Elizabeth Carson topless in animal print string

Elizabeth also has no problem to take off the string and pose like a cat nude just covered with an animal print cloth.

Elizabeth Carson naked in cat pose

Then the owner hands her a golden dildo. Elizabeth smiles and makes it wet before she inserts it deep in her pussy and masturbates till her first orgasm.

Elizabeth Carson with dildo in mouth

“Please turn around and do the same!” And she does it and looks back at the guys wanking their cocks hard. She has another orgasm.

Elizabeth Carson with dildo in pussy from behind

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Elizabeth Carson nude having fun with animal print lingerie and decoration.

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