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Young fashion model Elizabeth wanted to make some extra money and decided to attend a casting.

Show Us Your Nipples!

First she explained that she’s a fashion model and the maximum she can do is topless.

They wanted then of course to see her little sexy titts. They liked her big hard nipples.

They explained her that she must show much more and work with a male model. Just being sexy was not enough at all.

She asked if she could wear a mask and they agreed.

They told her to touch his already big cock.

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Masked Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Masked Overview

The Masked Hardcore

“Elizabeth, you have to show us your ass first and then go down on your knees and lick his cock!”

“Now show us your ass again while you massage his cock and then get on the bed for some doggystyle, Elizabeth! Look to the camera while you’re getting fucked hard and long!”


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Elizabeth Carson Casting Masked HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting Masked HD



Will Elizabeth do more castings?


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