Casting Interracial 4

Ex-model Elizabeth is very experienced and worked with many male models. She likes especially black guys because they have usually a great body and are well built. She decides to wear jeans hotpants and a black leather jacket for the casting to get tested and test the male candidates. It is exactly the same outfit she wore when she went dancing in the club and met the black security guy.
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This adventure “Casting Interracial” is based on a true story.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting Interracial

When she stands in front of the crew they want her to open her leather jacket more … and of course … to show her sexy big boobs!

They tell her:”Elizabeth, please get ready for the casting in a white string and high heels only.” She’s glad to see the black guy she met last week in the club. They want her to pose next to him and touch his body.

Now please go down and take down his trousers!” and she knows what’s coming …

Elizabeth Carson - Casting Interracial

Elizabeth looks up to the guy while sucking his cock nicely.

Then they tell the black guy to put her down on the stool and start
to fuck her deep, really deep!

Elizabeth Carson - Casting Interracial

He is pressing her legs down and penetrates her really deep.

“Now stand up Elizabeth. He can fuck you harder when you’re standing.”

What came after Elizabeth will never forget. The “black monster” fucked her so hard and long in all positions that she screamed out loud in pain and lust! 

The trailer below will give you an impression of this intense session.


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Elizabeth Carson - Black_Monster
Elizabeth Carson Black Monster HD

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Interracial 4 Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Interracial 4 Overview

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Did Elizabeth have more castings like this?  

Yes, because she likes to get fucked doggystyle hard and long by strong black guys.

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