ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Interracial 4 – 1 VIDEO – 46 PHOTOS

Ex-model Elizabeth sees an ad in the paper for a casting. Experienced models are wanted who like to work with black male models. Since she likes black guys because they are usually well built she decided to go to the casting dressed in jeans hotpants and a black leather jacket.

When she stands in front of the casting crew they want her immediately to show her tits!

Elizabeth is told to get ready for the casting in a white string and high heels and pose next to the black guy and touch his body.

Next she is told to go down and open his pants and she know what’s coming – yes, to suck his cock of course.

Then they tell the black guy to lift her up and then put her down on the stool and start to fuck her deep, really deep!

What came after Elizabeth will never forget. The “black monster” fucked her so hard and long in all positions that she had to scream in pain and lust! 

The trailer below will give you an impression of this intense session.


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Elizabeth Carson Black Monster HD

Elizabeth Carson Black Monster HD


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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Interracial 4 Overview

Elizabeth Carson – Casting Interracial 4 Overview

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Will Elizabeth ever go again to a casting after such an experience?  Check back later.

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