Leather Dominas

Dominas choose their outfits very carefully. Their preferences are usually leather and latex. Let’s have a look at some Dominas in leather outfits.

Dea Donatella wears leather even in private, when she’s not with a slave as you can see in the 74 photos of her taken at Costa Paradiso, Sardinia.

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When she is busy with a slave you can be sure the outfit fits perfectly. Leather shirt, leather gloves, leather corset, leather booty and stockings.

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Leather combined with latex looks also great and is often the choice of Elizabeth Carson, as you can see in the adventure below.

Elizabeth Carson Oveknees Gasoline

A very intense and sexy adventure is the one below, where Elizabeth explains her 20 sexy dominance levels dressed all in leather.

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Another good example is Francesca. She wears leather overknee boots and a leather corsage.

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