ELIZABETH CARSON – Overknees Gasoline

Overknees Gasoline – Elizabeth Carson was good at picking special outfits for her shootings. For a VIP member she did a custom shooting at night at a gas station.
She wore black leather overknees boots, a latex corset with attached string and latex gloves. He also wanted her to wear a wig and she agreed.
(This adventure is based on a true story)

Elizabeth Carson - Overknees Gasoline

The string did not hide her big pussy lips and her piercing and the VIP member was fascinated to watch the shooting he requested and sponsored.

Elizabeth Carson - Overknees Gasoline

He liked her little titts with the big and hard nipples. This all turned him on so much that he wanted the shooting to continue indoors.

Elizabeth Carson - Blowjob

He held her booty while she sucked his huge cock. The blowjob did not last long because he wanted to fuck her from behind and he really did give it to her and made her scream. He was muscular and strong and fucked her hard and long in the doggystyle position.

Elizabeth Carson - Doggystyle

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Elizabeth Carson Overknees Games

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