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Spread Legs

Elizabeth has just finished a shooting for a shoe company. She showed all kind of boots. The crew is having some drinks with her and one guy proposes that she could do another, more private show for them.
This adventure Spread Legs is based on a true story.
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“We want you to wear the black overknees boots and gloves only. Is this ok for you to pose like that for us on the bed?” Elizabeth agrees, goes to the other room, puts the gloves and overknees on and lays on the bed showing them her booty.

“We lover your booty. Turn around and spread your legs wide and look at us, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth smiles at them. She knows what is going on in their minds. Her nipples are big and hard because she likes to show her sexy body.
“Please take off your string.” Elizabeth takes it off and covers her pussy with both gloved hands. She is looking up to the guys standing around her.

“Please turn around and show us your booty again and your pussy. We love to see your big pussy lips.”

The guys have their cocks out by now and are wanking. Elizabeth is really turned on and she knows what they want. “I present my booty to you and I let you all cum on it.”

They all enjoy the view, imagining they would fuck her hard in this position and cum on her big sexy booty.

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Enjoy another adventure where Elizabeth is putting on overknees boots.

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