Harem Dreams

Not only VIP members have special dreams which might come true, no also regular members and fans have phantasies and use their imagination. Harem Dreams is the fulfillment of one VIP member’s wish for christmas some years ago.

He booked Elizabeth Carson and Francesca Felucci for his pre-christmas parties and wanted Elizabeth first to wear a red dress. He had another outfit waiting for her.

“Welcome to my party, Elizabeth!” he said and wanted her to be his Harem Bitch. “I have a very special outfit for you to wear.” After some minutes she came back.

“I love your pussy piercing!” is the first thing he said. “My guests will like this outfit, for sure. As a special surprise I have later another model for my harem. Let’s enjoy Francesca’s belly (booty) dance!”

“Francesca likes to dance for us.”

“Elizabeth will do her performance laying down … “

Elizabeth is a real Harem Bitch – Turning on all the men like crazy!

“My dear guests, is there anything more you want? We have hot harem ladies here who fulfill all our wishes.”

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Harem Dreams coming true

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VIP Party

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