ELIZABETH CARSON – Latex Party Purple

Elizabeth is known for her latex parties. She invites from time to time her members and fans over to have a good time. For this party she was dress in purple latex. Drinks and snacks are served but her guests wait for her instructions. She arrives in a purple latex corset with black latex stockings, black latex gloves and ultrahigh platform high heels.
The pics of this event were taken by some guests and a photographer more as a documentary than a regular shooting of this real event.

Please understand that we can only show a few photos and reserve the really explicit ones for members.

The Party Begins

“Hello everybody. How is life? Let’s have first drinks and then you tell me how you like my outfit for today” she says showing her already big and hard nipples and smiling at her guests.

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

She sits on a bar stool and drinks her Prosecco and then says “I need a partner for my latex show. Who wants to be the lucky one?”

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

One guy stands up and Elizabeth smiles and says “Ok. let’s first get you dressed”. They go upstairs and come back after some minutes. He kneels before and she says”Now we can start.”

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

After some posing and playing Elizabeth says “I’m horny and I want you to lick my nipples.” The other guests all watch and wish it was them who do it.

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

The Party Getting Hot

Then after some more touching and playing Elizabeth touches him and says “Oh I feel something getting big. I want you to show me what you have in here. Continue then to lick my hard nipples.

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple
Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

Everybody could see his big and hard cock and the party started to get really hot. Elizabeth turned around and told him “Lick my ass and pussy nicely.”

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

Then Elizabeth turned around and said “I want to suck your cock. I need him to be really hard. And then … you will fuck me hard and long from behind!”

And that’s exactly what happened. The guests were now all excited and most of them were standing with open pants and wanking hard while watching the intense doggystyle.

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

Elizabeth had an orgasm and then said “I want to suck another cock and ride on it. Who wants that now?”

We all know the answer: YOU!
Below you can enjoy the video (in the VIP Lounge).

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Party Purple

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