Elizabeth had a fetish shooting. She put on black ballerina boots, stockings, gloves and a shiny top and skirt. The crew – four men – took pictures and videos of her posing on a bed.
This adventure ( Four Men ) is based on a true story.
All pictures were taken with an analogue camera.

At the end of the shooting she still had her eyes closed but she felt something was different. She was still posing with her legs up when she realized that 4 guys of the crew were not working anymore but standing right next to the bed looking down at her.

Then all of a sudden the guys grabbed her legs and arms and removed the bra and string.

Things happened fast. “Wank our cocks, you sexy bitch!”

Then they grabbed her head and forced their cocks deep in her mouth. She sucked them all.

An intense gangbang followed. The guys gave it all to her hard and long. After they all were satisfied one guy still did not have enough.
They all watched how he fucked her brains out.

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