Erotic Art Photography Workshops in Prague

Do you like Erotic Art?
Then you were glad to hear that you could attend erotic art photography workshops in Prague where you learn how to take photos (and videos).
The Swiss photographer Karl Louis is known for his erotic art workshops in Sardinia and Prague. Have a look at the making-of videos of the Sardinia Phototrips since 2001 and of the PhotoWeekends since 2015 . Watch them full-screen!

You will be at great locations outdoor and indoor in the evening/night and during day time. Have a look at the details of the PhotoWeekend 2019 Oct 19/20.

Even you don’t have a DSLR or mirrorless camera you can attend the workshops. You can use your smartphone if it has a good camera built in. Contact Karl Louis by email and ask him if you have any questions. More info about attending erotic art photography workshops or coachings you can find here. The picture below is just an example of what can be done with available light on a boat in Prague at night.

Reidora Botel - photographed by Karl Louis during a workshop in Prague

Have a look at the adventure below where Elizabeth Carson is in a photo shooting in Soho, London. She was posing in latex and the crowd was getting larger.

Elzabeth Carson in Soho, London