Fashion model Elizabeth has a shooting. It is all about the color pink. There is a babydoll, a corset, a wig, an umbrella, a fan and even a pink drink waiting for her to pose with. Additionally there is a pink neon light in the background.

First she has to put on the wig and show the babydoll. She is wearing a string, stockings and high heels with it.

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

“Please lift the babydoll on both sides, Elizabeth.”

“Maybe this would look better without the black string. What do you think? Can you take the string off and pose again holding the babydoll up on the sides?”

Elizabeth knows that her pierced pussy is now fully visible.

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

A lot of pictures are now being taken. Her pussy piercing fascinates the owner of the fashion company and his crew.

“We exchange the babydoll with a fan. Please pose for us laying on the floor, Elizabeth.”

The owner wants to see something else now because he noticed that Elizabeth has a really sexy booty. “Can you please stand up, turn around and show us your backside?” Elizabeth is holding the fan in front of her pussy.

Knowing that they want to see more she then moves the fan down.

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

Then they change the light and she has to pose with an umbrella.

Many pictures are taken and most of them with the umbrella not covering her pierced pussy. The men are getting excited and want more and therefore serve her a strong pink drink.

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

“Lay down, turn around and pose with your tongue out, Elizabeth. Show us your sexy booty and then drink all.”

The atmosphere is now quite “electrified” and therefore Elizabeth has to listen what one guy is whispering in her ear. What does he tell her?

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

Elizabeth says to herself “why do they always want me for these kind of jobs … ?” and then starts to undress the guy.

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

“Show us your face. Look to the camera, Elizabeth!”

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

Say “Fuck me! We want to hear you – louder!”

Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig
Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig
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Elizabeth Carson - Pink Wig

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Bikini Pink featured

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