Showroom 3

In the beginning of Elizabeth’ fashion model career she is often booked for showrooms. A showroom is a place where usually one model is showing clothes, swimwear, shoes, etc. to a small group of people. It is like a private fashion event or catwalk. Quite often drinks are being served and music is played. In this adventure a legwear company has Elizabeth showing stockings and pantyhose to 3 clients.
Showroom 3 is based on a real story.

Also the the owner is in the showroom and Elizabeth is presenting first black stockings and different black bodies.

The 2nd body is on top transparent and her nipples are visible.

Next Elizabeth shows stockings, garterbelt, string and bra all in black.

They want her on the floor in a cat pose.

The clients and the owner are having some drinks and they offer Elizabeth also a Vodka, which she gladly enjoys. Then they want her to model topless wearing pantyhose only.

“Please turn around, Elizabeth!” She is looking back and knows what is going on. One of the clients has his cock already out and is wanking. “Well, that was fast” she’s thinking.

“Come, let’s have more Vodka!”

One of the clients starts talking to her. “Come closer and kneel down, Elizabeth!” and he grabs her head and his huge cock is in her mouth.

She’s sucking all 4 cocks, like a good showroom girl

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