Her First Casting

Scarlett wanted to make some money in the adult business and therefore she went to a casting in Switzerland. Let’s see how her first casting went.

She got picked up at the airport and then she had to put on a black tight costume and wait in the studio for the photographer and the casting director. She was looking through a fetish magazine.

Then the photographer came and did some test pictures. Scarlett was not sure if she should keep her glasses on. The photographer thought she looked good with the glasses and he told her that the casting director would soon be here.

After some minutes he arrived and wanted to know a few personal details of her. She smiled at him and made sure her costume top was showing some cleavage.

“Scarlett, please put on some make-up and the photographer will take some photos. It is good that you have no problem to be naked under the costume.”

“Please lift your skirt, spread your legs and masturbate for us, Scarlett!”

“Now lift one leg and show us your pussy. Keep your eyes closed.”

“Great, Scarlett. You know that will have to work with a male model. Turn around and have a look at him.”

“Are you ready now to do a scene with him, Scarlett?”

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Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

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