Elizabeth Carson got very often booked for showroom modeling. You will understand why after you enjoyed this sexy adventure.

Fashion companies want to make sure about their choices before they buy a new collection. Sometimes they have special wishes or want adjustments made to outfits and they must see the result right away. For this a model is needed who shows them the altered outfits and this happens in a showroom.

Elizabeth showed a purple costume to a client.

The client liked the costume but he wanted the skirt to be much shorter and therefore they adjusted it and then Elizabeth showed it to him.

“Yes, this looks much better, especially on you, Elizabeth. You have such great legs” said the client happily.

Showroom Speciality

He then wanted to see just the skirt and asked her to take off the jacket.

And now we are at the point to understand why Elizabeth had some many showroom bookings. The clients were happy about their collection and usually opened a bottle of champagne. Some clients offered quite an amount to her to show them “MORE” and Elizabeth most of the time agreed. She had some champagne, was in a good mood and took off her skirt.

Some clients had special wishes. This one wanted to enjoy her backside and he kindly asked her to turn around when taking the skirt off.

Elizabeth knew of course that especially her booty turned him on. They had more champagne and she had no problem to take her corsage off and expose her big boobs. She also did not mind to take her string off.

The client was now in a very aroused mood and he could not hide his erection anymore. “I like to look at you just wearing stockings and high heels” he told her and opened the zipper of his trousers.

He took his huge and hard cock out and Elizabeth smiled at him. “Do you have a special wish?” she asked. He answered “Yes, indeed. Could you come closer and turn around and let me fully enjoy your sexy booty?”
She moved towards him, turned around and bent down. She had the glasses in her mouth and looked back at him how he was wanking his cock like a maniac.

“Don’t you want something more?” she asked him.

What would have been your answer if you were the client?

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