Crazy Pantyhose Shooting

Elizabeth Carson is in the photo studio posing for a pantyhose company. They want to promote a new glitterey black silver pantyhose with crazy pictures. The crew is happy with the Crazy Pantyhose Shooting and the last picture is taken.

The boss looks at her and says “Your a fabulous model and it was a lot of fun to do these crazy pics with you. I have one more thing Elizabeth, please, show your tits!

Elizabeth got caught off-guard and as a result she is surprised and you can see it the way she looks at the 5 guys. Elizabeth automatically touches her left tit and does not know what to say.
The boss says “Let’s have some fun, Elizabeth. Just do it!
He brings her a glass of Prosecco and she drinks it fast. “What should I do?” she asks herself. “Oh well, what the heck. Here you go!” she almost screams. Elizabeth pulls the top down and then presents her sexy tits to them.

The Orgy Begins

The photographer starts taking pictures again and the other crew members keep looking at her in excitement. Elizabeth is getting in the mood after a second glass of Prosecco and is moving the top down to her waist. She is now posing with the silver belt between her tits and looks at the guys.

The shooting is turning slowly into a wild party. One of the assistants offers Elizabeth lines and she can’t resist. Elizabeth takes them all and has another glass of Prosecco. She smiles, continues her posing and plays with the silver belt on her tits. Her nipples are now big and hard because she is fully turned on by now.

Elizabeth is now going totally wild. She is laying on the floor, spreading her legs wide, sticking one finger in her mouth and another in her pussy.

The guys are standing around her with their trousers open and are wanking their cocks. Elizabeth is turning around and showing her booty to the guys. She pulls the pantyhose all the way down and asks “Who’s gonna fuck me first?

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Elizabeth Carson - First Celebrity Shooting
Elizabeth Carson in Wolford Fatal pantyhose

Elizabeth on FreeOnes

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