ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Stockings White

Casting Stockings White – Elizabeth Carson just finished another lingerie shooting. She was showing nice white lingerie with white stockings. The casting crew was downstairs and wanted to have some fun with Elizabeth.
“Would you do some sexy casting for us? Can you come down and pose for us topless?” they asked her.
She looked down at them and asked “Just some topless pictures? That would be ok. if you pay me extra, of course.”
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Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

“Yes, of course we pay you extra” the manager of the lingerie company said and Elizabeth answered “ok. let’s start”.

The easy part

She came down further, turned sideways and started to pose.

“Yes, very good Elizabeth. Show us more of your backside” and Elizabeth turned around and asked “why do you alsways want to see my booty?”

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

“We have another outfit for you upstairs. Can you put it on? We will continue upstairs.” Elizabeth went upstairs and put the corsage and gloves on. There was no string. She posed sideways and said “I have no string.”

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

“That’s how it should be. We want you to show your pussy. We know that you have a piercing there.” Elizabeth looked at the guys and said “Okay, I will do that.”

“Can we also see it from behind?” Elizabeth turned around, looked back at them and asked “like this? Is this what you want?”

“Perfect. Now change again the outfit, put this jewelry on and style your hair a bit wilder. We continue on the other side, at the bed with a male model.”
“You really want me to work with a guy?” she asked and looked at the guys.

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

“Let’s take first some pics how you two enjoy prosecco.”

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

The intense part

“Now we want you to take his jacket off, Elizabeth!”

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

“He takes off his trousers. We want him naked and you take off your combination but you leave the stockings on. He should lick your nipples.”

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

“You go in the 69 position over him now.” She could not believe what was going on and looked at them. “You really want me to …. I don’t think I can do that …”
“Just wait a second, Elizabeth. The assistant will bring you something you like.” He came back with a little box, opened it and prepared some lines for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

“Okay! That’s much better. I need that if you want me to be a real hot bitch” and she took a couple of lines.
She looked at them while she put his big cock in her mouth and then she started to suck him.

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

What followed was an intense hardcore session. Elizabeth got fucked hard and long in all positions …

and especially intense doggystyle at the end.

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

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Elizabeth Carson in white stockings
Elizabeth Carson in white stockings
Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

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Elizabeth Carson Strip Stockings

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