Black Stallion White

Elizabeth Carson – Black Stallion White – Elizabeth had many shootings where she had to pose at the end nude in front of men. She had no problem with it.

(This adventure is based on a true story)

She was not shy and when the job required more explicit poses she did it. Quite often they wanted her to masturbate and the men on the set usually got turned on very much and masturbated as well.

They wanted her to change to a white outfit and lift her legs high up.

Elizabeth could not see that a tall black guy came in and when they asked her to spread her legs she saw him standing there. He had a nice muscular body and a huge cock. She was scared and excited at the same time.

Elizabeth Carson spreads her legs wide

She could hardly take his cock in and had to push him back while she presented her pussy to the men.

What followed was real hard and intense interracial sex. Elizabeth got first mouth fucked while she masturbated. Everybody enjoyed it even Elizabeth had several orgasms.

At the end she got it doggystyle so hard that she had even more orgasms. All the guys were wanking their cocks and came on her booty.

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Black Stallion Red

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