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ELIZABETH CARSON – ASSistant in Action

(This adventure is based on a true story and continuation of the first part)

When Elizabeth arrived in the other room she was introduced to a group of well dressed older business men. “This is my surprise for you tonight, the one and only ‘Elizabeth Carson’!”
They were all sitting in comfortable chairs around the bed and she was told to pose for them.

Show us your famous booty, Elizabeth!

“Great. Can you take your top off and show us more of your booty!

Elizabeth could see that the guys started to play with themselves.
“Please show us now your pussy and talk nasty to us, Liz!”

I know what you all want and I want to see your BIG ones

She leaned back and started to masturbate.

Then she stopped playing with her pussy and said: “I will now go in the doggystyle position and show you my booty and I want to see how you all wank your cocks. Show me what you’ve got. I will pick then one.”

She picked the guy in the middle and told him to come over. “I want to suck your big cock now and then you will fuck me in front of all the other guys.”

After the first guy she took a short break and continued with all of them.

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