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Elizabeth Carson White Lingerie 2

ELIZABETH CARSON – White Lingerie 2

(This is the continuation of “White Lingerie 1“)

The guy who Elizabeth posed with came back and told Elizabeth to go in the cat position on the black leather stool. He said he had a surprise for her. She posed as he said and turned her head towards him.

“I have something here for you, Elizabeth” and he placed a little mirror full of lines on the black leather stool. “Take as many as you want, Liz!” He knew that she liked that stuff (as you can see in another adventure).

She took 4 lines and had some more prosecco with the guys. The guy took off his clothes and stood in front of her. Another guy took his mobile and stated filming how Elizabeth started to give a blowjob. The lines made her really horny and she was in a great mood.

So when he told her to lay on her back on the stool she did not hesitate. The other guys all stood around and waited for him to begin. He told her to spread her legs wide and then he started to fuck her.

The other guy was filming again with his mobile. Elizabeth got fucked really hard and had her eyes closed while he gave it to her.

He stopped and said, that he now wanted to enjoy her booty. She turned around and presented her ass to him. You could see that the lines had now the strongest impact on her. She was ready and willing to do anything. He grabbed her cheek and put his hard cock deep inside her pussy and all was filmed again by the other guy.

Elizabeth got fucked so hard that she needed a break. She asked for more lines while still in the doggystyle position on the stool. She took another 4 lines and knew that she needed them. All the guys wanted her now, not just one.

Now two guys stood next to her.

She knew what was coming. Both of them wanted the get sucked.

Elizabeth was now like in trance. She got mouthfucked by one really hard.

And he did not give her a break after. He wanted to fuck her laying as hard as possible.

Elizabeth did not know anymore what was going on. One guy after another fucked her deep with her legs over their shoulders.

And then one guy pressed her legs down and really fucked her brains out.

And they then all came on her titts.

Elizabeth never got fucked harder. All five guys came on her and she was in her glory. You can enjoy all photos and videos with Elizabeth in the VIP-Lounge.

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