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Elizabeth Carson White Lingerie 1

ELIZABETH CARSON – White Lingerie 1

Elizabeth and another model got booked for a fashion and lingerie shooting. They had to wear all kinds of white outfits and lingerie. First the took some pictures of white costumes.

Then they had to wear sexy white lingerie.

The crew was all male and in a very good mood. It was fun to work with Elizabeth and Andreea.

The sexiest outfits came at the end and both models had fun posing in them.

They all sat down and had prosecco at the end of the shooting and were in a good mood. One guy asked if they would be willing to shoot some sexy pics for them and both girls said “yes!”

Andreea and Elizabeth had no problem posing topless and seductive.

And then one guy asked if they would also pose with him. Andreea was a bit irritated and Elizabeth was surprised. He liked especially Elizabeth and he could not get enough of her booty. She looked at him and said, “ok. so you like my booty. Allright, let’s do some pictures together”.

Elizabeth felt his hand on her booty, but she did not mind and moved her hand down. She liked the guy and thoght he was good-looking. She touched him and could feel how big he already was.

Elizabeth opened his shirt.

She wanted to see his tatoo and took his shirt off. The guy tried to kiss her.

She moved down a little and pressed her titts on his body.

Then she moved down further and opened his trousers and took them off.

He grabbed her head and pressed it on his big one. Elizabeth touched him and she could feel his big balls and her chin was on his hard cock.

Elizabeth got up and sat down with the other guys. They were all excited and she could feel the tension. What would happen now? Andreea was speechless and decided to leave. This was too much for her. The guy brought her to the door. After a while he came back said to Elizabeth “Suprise, surprise. I have here something for you. How about if we do now a private porn movie, Elizabeth?”

What will Elizabeth do? What was the surprise? Is she going to play along? See what happend in “White Lingerie 2“.

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