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Elizabeth Carson - After the shooting

ELIZABETH CARSON – After The Shooting

A Swiss lingerie company booked Elizabeth for a shooting. When they were finished the crew asked her for a favour.

 “Would do another shooting for us and show us your titts and ass and pussy?” Elizabeth was shocked even though it was not the first time she got asked for something like this.

Please put on this fishnet pantyhose, gloves and high heels and pose for us.

Elizabeth tried to cover her titts with the gloves but her pussy was visible.

Then she covered her pussy but now her titts were visible.
She did not know anymore what to do

We want you to turn around and show us your booty and pussy!

Elizabeth agreed and she saw how they started to wank their cocks – Oh well!

Can you turn around, lift and spread your legs. We want to see your pussy!

She could not believe her eyes. They all masturbated right in front of her!

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