Dangerous Games 9 -Domina Francesca

(Francesca as a Domina in a new episode of her “Dangerous Games”)

The Seduction

She enjoys to play and dominate men and she had a very special game in mind with this slave. He had first to lay with her on the balcony, naked and he was NOT allowed to get hard. This was practically impossible. After a short while already he was big and hard as a rock. She touched him and said: “I guess, it is time for a hard punishment now since you did not obey me.”

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

The Punishment

She put a cock-ring on him and a chain and went to the bathroom with him. While she checked her make-up she told him that he had to wait and stand quietly. She would soon start the punishment.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

He had to kneel in front of her and she used her overknee boot on his chest and pulled hard on the chain.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

“Before I give you what you deserve you kiss my ass.”

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

He had to kiss her booty and tell her how beautiful she is.

“Now you will lay on your stomach and you get punished hard for being hard.”

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

Beating him turned her on and she started to masturbate while she kept using her whip on him. Then he was allowed to get up and look at her while she masturbated. “I want you to wank hard. Show me your big cock but you are not allowed to cum!” She used her boots to punish him in addition to the whip.

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Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

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Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

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Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9

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