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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Shopping

ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Shopping

Fashion model Elizabeth went to a casting for a shopping center. They wanted a little older and elegant lady. Her chances were good to get the job. She had to pose with a carriage wearing a green costume. She thought the skirt was a little short and wondered why she was not given any underwear but the test shooting went easy.

They asked her to lift the skirt a little more up and put a pumpkin in the carriage.

The photographer went on his knees and Elizabeth thought he liked obviously her legs. He asked her to bend forward.

They wanted her to bend even more down and her booty started to be visible.

Please look to the camera, Elizabeth!” the photographer said and her booty was now quite exposed. Thank goodness I wear a pantyhose, she thought.

“You are much too sexy for the normal shopping pics. You got the job, but we want to take hotter pictures with you. Are you ok. with this, Elizabeth?“.
They wanted her to open her costume top and hold an ananas.  Elizabeth was glad she got the job so she agreed and opened her costume top. She was proud of her tits and her nipples were already hard and big. This all started to turn her on.


“Can you please take your costume off?”

“Wow, you have a sexy booty, show it to us, Elizabeth!”

Elizabeth was enjoying this situation and she even took the pantyhose off when she was asked for it.




Elizabeth was now totally naked standing in front of the casting crew.

We want to do some hardcore with you, Elizabeth.
What do you think?

Elizabeth was shocked and excited at the same time. What should she answer now?

“Take your glasses off and then go on your knees and suck his cock!”

She was now totally confused and caught off-guard. She hesitated but then took him in her mouth and gave him an intense blowjob.



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Elizabeth had a lot more hot adventures …  Check back later.

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