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Elizabeth Carson - Fitness Seduction

ELIZABETH CARSON – Fitness Seduction

A fitness equipment company booked Elizabeth for a shooting. She had to pose in a red swimsuit with fitness equipment. Part of the payment was a free workout-station for her private fitness studio. At the end of the shooting they asked her to put on some red high heels and do some more poses.

They wanted to see more and asked if she would be willing to show her boobs.

They especially liked her booty and therefore asked her to turn around.

She had no problem to show her sexy ass to them and when she looked back she could see the excitement in their eyes.

She was told that she would also get a free instruction for her station by one of their young trainers and Elizabeth did one more pose for them showing her boobs.



A few days later her station was delivered and set up while she went running. Elizabeth was always very much into fitness. She went running almost every day. When she returned and finished her shower she put on a very sexy fitness outfit and went down to her private fitness studio. The young trainer was ready to give her instructions.

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The young trainer fucked Elizabeth hard in two positions and she enjoyed it very much!



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Elizabeth likes to tease and seduce. Do you want to see more of her?  Check back later.

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