Young Francesca needed some money so she decided to go to a casting. Models were wanted to present boots.

She was given white lingerie and white high heels boots.

When they wanted immediately to see her titts she knew this was not really a fashion shooting.
And it was totally clear when she was asked to turn around and take her string off.

She started to worry a bit when they wanted her to lift her legs and show her pussy.

Then they gave her a huge dildo and wanted her to lick and insert it deep in her pussy…

… till she had an orgasm.

Then she had to change into a black outfit and black boots and repeat all.

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Francesca Felucci - Casting Boots
Francesca Felucci – Casting Boots

Will Francesca go again to a casting? Check back later to find out!

With friendly permission of Francesca Felucci