Elizabeth Carson got booked for a fashion shooting in the beautiful area of Amalfi and Positano. A photographer wanted to take sexy fashion pictures in a wonderful garden and he provided also the outfit. White hotpants and a black “Morgan” top.
This adventure “Fashion Garden” is based on a true story.

The First Part of the Shooting

Elizabeth liked the outfit and they made a few pictures next to the garden at a sitting area.

There was an oldtimer parked and the photographer suggested that Elizabeth poses there. She made the hotpants smaller in the back to show more of her booty. He liked it and asked if she would also show her tits. Elizabeth had no problem. She was used to pose topless.

They made some more topless pictures at the sitting area and Elizabeth even stuck her tongue out.

The Second Part of the Shooting

Then they went to the beautiful garden and he asked her to pose.

He wanted her to turn around and show her sexy butt.

Then he asked her again for topless pics. She played with her tongue out and could see how excited the photographer was. There was quite a bulge in his pants visible already.

When he asked if she would show her naked booty, Elizabeth knew that he was ready. She asked him for extra money and he agreed immediately. She stuck her booty fully out and looked back at him. He was playing with his cock and Elizabeth had to smile.

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Elizabeth is certainly a very special and hot model. So check back later to enjoy more of her!

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