Elizabeth got booked for another Xmas party in Zurich. She picked a sexy outfit all in red and two round candles. She has to dress up as Santa and entertain about 10 men. The show takes place in a big white office room.

When they see her in stockings and high heels the excitement level increases fast.

She starts playing with the candles and shows her tits a little.

She sits on the chair and has her legs first crossed, then together and then spread out wide holding her hand between her legs.

They guys start yelling “Move your hand! Show us your tits!” and she gives them the view to her pussy “covered” only by pearls and presents her tits with her tongue out.

“Do you want more?” she asks and the guys say “Of course, much more?” Elizabeth stands up and plays with the pearls on her pussy.

The guys go crazy and want her to turn around.

“Do you want even more?” Elizabeth asks sitting on a stool.

I will move my booty up and show you all …  how much is it worth to you? The guys all contribute some big bills and make Elizabeth smile. She lifts her booty and moves the pearl chain up and down.

“I know what you want now”, Elizabeth says and looks back at the guys.


Elzabeth Carson Xmas Party 2 Overview
Elzabeth Carson Xmas Party 2 Overview

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