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During December many companies celebrate Xmas with a special dinner or party. Elizabeth got booked for such a party in Zurich. She has to dress up as a Xmas gift and as a Nikolaus and entertain about 30 people, mostly men. The show takes place in the big white office room.

She starts with presenting herself as a “gift”.


The men get her attention right away while the few women try to ignore her and keep sipping on their champagne. Elizabeth takes off her Nikolaus hat and turns around. She sticks her ass out and keeps looking at the guys. Then she turns around again and asks if she should “unpack” herself. The “Yes!” comes right away and she starts doing it. Since her nipples are erected the wrapping keeps hanging on one of them.

The women leave now the room and the men start to get excited. They want to see her as Nikolaus. Elizabeth changes outfits and comes back wearing a red outfit and white stockings.

They guys start yelling “Turn around! Turn around!” and she smiles, sticks out her tongue and fulfills their wish. She even starts to play with her tits.

“Happy?” she asks the guys. “Yes! Can we ask you how much you want to pose for us nude?”

Elizabeth grabs her ass and says “Well, if you let me see some big € bills I might do it right now.” 

Guess, what happens next …   😉

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