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Ex-model Elizabeth went to a casting. Older and attractive models were wanted and they should come in a sexy outfit. She decided to wear jeans hotpants, jeans overknees boots, a white top and a black leather jacket.

When she stands in front of the casting crew and tells them that she’s over 40 they can’t believe it and give her compliments.

Elizabeth is told to take off her jacket and pose sexy showing her titts. She first hesitates but decides to do it. The guys really like her titts and also her big nipples.

They tell her to take the top off, to put on another outfit and pose front and back.

They tell her to change into to white lingerie and high heels for pictures for a new big glass dildo and Elizabeth has no problem with that but they want something more from her and ask if she would be willing to work with two male models. She agrees and poses as she is told to.

They ask her now to take their cocks out and massage them both while looking to the camera. Elizabeth is unsure but she does it anyways. She even agrees to go down and lick and suck both cocks.

At the end she has to suck one guy’s cock while the other one is pounding her hard doggystyle and they both cum on her titts.


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Elizabeth Carson Casting MILF Two Guys HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting MILF Two Guys HD

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting MILF - Two Guys - Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting MILF – Two Guys – Overview


Will Elizabeth go again to a casting like this?  Check back later.

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