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ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Fitness

Elizabeth saw an ad for fitness models. It said “Are you tanned, fit and sexy? We have an opportunity for you to make good money.” She felt great, had a nice tan and therefore went to the casting. They gave her an outfit, high heels and told her to pose.

The Fitness Chick

They told her to pose sexy and play with her tongue.

The skirt was very short and Elizabeth had to cover her pussy with her hand.

They told her to turn around and sit on the workout bench. Elizabeth got turned on because her ass and part of her pussy was visible to the guys.

Next they wanted her to lift weights topless.

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Fitness Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Fitness Overview

The Fit & Wild Chick

Elizabeth had to put on a string and a kimono. She was surprised when they told her to pose in front of a naked fitness trainer. They wanted her to show him her titts.

She felt a bit weird and asked if the guy could put on some fitness clothes. They agreed.

They wanted her to touch his body and she took off his top and went down a little to stick out her ass more.

She was told to get close to him and touch his cock and turn around and rub her ass on him.

Then they wanted her to take his outfit and underwear off. Elizabeth was a bit shocked but she did it.

She even agreed to suck his cock …

… do 69 and then some doggystyle on the fitness bench.

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