Bamboo Soft Hard

Elizabeth got booked for a bikini shooting and later again for sort of a casting “Bamboo Soft Hard”. For the shooting she has a Bo Derek hairstyle and sunglasses. They give her a bikini bottom and tell her to pose on a bamboo mat.
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This adventure “Bamboo Soft Hard” is based on a true stories.

Bamboo Soft

Elizabeth asks for the bikini top but they tell her she has to be topless. “The bikini bottom is enough because you must show us as much of your body and especially booty as possible.” 

Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting 237-3781_r
Show us your ass, baby!

They want her now to work with a black male model. She has to get in the “doggystyle” position and help a male black model doing his workout.

Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting 237-3771_IMG
Lean forward and show him your titts!

When they want her to sit on him she asks why. They tell her that they need some soft porn scenes and Elizabeth starts to get a bit nervous. They have now also a video camera there and tell her to rub her pussy on him. She starts moving back and forth on him and feels his cock getting big.

Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting 237-3794_IMG
Move your hot body, Liz!

“Move your body faster. We want you to have an orgasm. That would be perfect.” Elizabeth is turned on a lot and she comes quite fast.

She gets quite worried when they tell her to lay on her back and spread her legs wide. She can see the black guy coming over her and his cock is big and really hard under his shorts. He has to rub his cock on her pussy and make believe he fucks her. They want her to have her legs up in the air.

Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting 237-3777_IMG

“Can you moan and groan for us, Elizabeth? It should sound like you’re getting fucked.” Elizabeth tries her best and they are very happy with her performance. “We want to you to come again and work with another black model in a few weeks, okay?”

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Bamboo Hard

Elizabeth accepted their offer because the payment for the 2nd shooting was really good. She has to wear a black bikini and high heels and hold a long bamboo stick. “We will take photos and video like last time, Elizabeth. Stand in front of the black guy.” She wondered why he was not wearing anything and covered with a white towel only.

Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting 226-2608_r
Your body is phantastic, Elizabeth. Do you like the black guy?

“Rub the big bamboo stick up and down and visualize you would rub his big cock. Look at him while you do it, Elizabeth and say to him that you want to massage his cock and you want him to get hard like this bamboo stick!”

Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting 226-2619_r

Elizabeth is doing exactly what they want and it is sort of funny. The black guy is laughing and she has to smile.

“Are you sure you’re massaging the right stick, Elizabeth?” they ask her and all men in the room have to laugh.

“It’s time for some hard stuff now, Liz! Go down and remove the towel!”

She sees the biggest cock ever. Elizabeth is speechless because they tell her to lick and suck his huge cock. Oh my god, she thinks and decides to just do it.

Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting 226-2623_r
Don’t be scared, Elizabeth because you will like his BIG ONE!

Enjoy the trailer below because you will get an idea how big he really was. 

Bamboo Content

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Elizabeth Carson Casting Bamboo HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting Bamboo HD

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Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting Overview 2
Elizabeth Carson Bamboo Casting Overview 2

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The shooting/casting is not over because they want much more of her and therefore, she has to change into white lingerie and lay on the bed. 

Spread your legs wide and show us your pussy. Are you ready for his big black cock deep in your mouth and pussy, Elizabeth?”

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