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ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Ex-Fashion Model

(This adventure is based on a true story)

Ex-fashion model Elizabeth needed some work, looked through job offers and decided to go to a casting for adult models. How will she perform? Will she be good as an adult model at her age of over 40?

When she arrived there they gave her a Versace dress and high heels for the test shooting.

She was asked to show her titts.

They wanted most of all to see her booty and therefore she had turn around and lift her dress.

They were happy with so far but the important part came next, the work with a male model. She had to change into a silver stringbody and pose next to the male model.

Next they told to lift one leg up and rub it on the guy while he grabs her booty.

Then she was told to go down, open his trousers and put her head on his cock.

And now it started. They told her to suck his cock, then she would get mouthfucked deep and long and at the end get it really hard and long from behind!



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